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I'm Martin Cole. I am a UK qualified lawyer, a leader within the financial services regulatory and compliance sector and an organisational and executive coach. I have an Master of Science (M.Sc). in coaching psychology and am certified as a coach by the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership. I also have a Bachelor of Laws (LLB (Hons.)) and was admitted as a barrister by the Inner Temple (now non-practising). I have lived and worked in London and Sydney and now live near Edinburgh in Scotland with my wife and two daughters. I support Crystal Palace FC, have wide ranging musical tastes (especially Jazz, Blues and Soul) and oppose mediocrity, selfishness and organisations that fail to value their people.

tyranny of positive thinking

Why it’s time to end the tyranny of positive thinking

By Martin Cole

As a leader and coach concerned with helping people advance their personal and professional development, believe me, I am steeped in positive psychology and the benefits of positive thinking. I have studied Masters level courses in positive organisational coaching, applied positive psychology and the psychology of peak performance. I have studied the evidence base for […]

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Coping with loss of confidence

By Martin Cole

This is the first of a regular series of curated content pieces on This week, the focus is on confidence, in particular loss confidence on other threats to our self belief. The articles I’ve chosen cover a whole range of aspects of the topic: losing confidence, standing up to others, managing our self-talk, dealing […]

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12 critical attributes of great change leaders

By Martin Cole

Leading change is hard. But good change leaders are essential if any kind of change – organisational or otherwise – is going to succeed. In the context of organisational change, Kotter’s change model emphasises the need for leaders to: create the climate for change, create the conditions for change, and then implement change in a […]

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trees - importance of listening skills

The importance of listening skills

By Martin Cole

As a coach, I know the importance of listening skills and the value of deep and active listening in particular. I know the importance of suspending judgment and I know how critical it is to remove ones own’s biases, interests and concerns from coaching conversations. Yet despite all that knowledge, I know there are times […]

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