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I'm Martin Cole. I am a UK qualified lawyer, a leader within the financial services regulatory and compliance sector and an organisational and executive coach. I have an Master of Science (M.Sc). in coaching psychology and am certified as a coach by the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership. I also have a Bachelor of Laws (LLB (Hons.)) and was admitted as a barrister by the Inner Temple (now non-practising). I have lived and worked in London and Sydney and now live near Edinburgh in Scotland with my wife and two daughters. I support Crystal Palace FC, have wide ranging musical tastes (especially Jazz, Blues and Soul) and oppose mediocrity, selfishness and organisations that fail to value their people.

Performance appraisal: Growing grasses

Performance appraisals: How to position the feedback

By Martin Cole

Conducting performance appraisals can be one of the most challenging tasks for people managers. They are sometimes fraught with tension, largely because of the need to deliver mixed feedback – what went well and what could have gone better. In my experience, some people are fine with recognising that there are improvements they could make. […]

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impossible decisions

How to make an impossible decision

By Martin Cole

How to make apparently impossible decisions has troubled me enormously in the last few years as I have wrestled with some really tough choices relating to family, career and location. These kinds of decision are complex and stressful, with multiple factors for and against the various options. And, to be honest, I have often found […]

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tree in landscape: what is coaching

What is coaching?

By Martin Cole is dedicated to helping managers and leaders improve their leadership capabilities and build high performing teams and there is a strong focus, within these pages, on coaching as the best way to facilitate improvement and growth. So if I’m promoting coaching as the means by which we can best bring about development in people, […]

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complexity - cynefin

Understanding complexity: the Cynefin framework

By Martin Cole

I write and talk a lot about complexity and working and leading in complex environments. And in doing so, I invariably refer to Dave Snowden’s Cynefin framework. Cynefin (pronounced Ku-nev-in) is a Welsh word meaning something like ‘habitat’, but which also implies multiple unknowable factors in our environment and our experience. Snowden first introduced Cynefin […]

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coaching in the workplace

How effective is coaching in the workplace?

By Martin Cole

There are certain questions that are bound to be uppermost in the mind of anybody who is considering the introduction of coaching in the workplace. These might include: What will the impact of coaching be? What can coaching actually achieve? Will I see an adequate return on my investment? You’ll find plenty of answers to […]

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