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trees - importance of listening skills

The importance of listening skills

By Martin Cole

As a coach, I know the importance of listening skills and the value of deep and active listening in particular. I know the importance of suspending judgment and I know how critical it is to remove ones own’s biases, interests and concerns from coaching conversations. Yet despite all that knowledge, I know there are times […]

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tree in landscape: what is coaching

What is coaching?

By Martin Cole is dedicated to helping managers and leaders improve their leadership capabilities and build high performing teams and there is a strong focus, within these pages, on coaching as the best way to facilitate improvement and growth. So if I’m promoting coaching as the means by which we can best bring about development in people, […]

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coaching in the workplace

How effective is coaching in the workplace?

By Martin Cole

There are certain questions that are bound to be uppermost in the mind of anybody who is considering the introduction of coaching in the workplace. These might include: What will the impact of coaching be? What can coaching actually achieve? Will I see an adequate return on my investment? You’ll find plenty of answers to […]

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